September 5, 2011

Old Mother Hubbard was tired of her cupboard...

With guts and gusto I have spruced up a pair of our plain oak kitchen cupboards.  These two are positioned separately from all the others and were functional but boring.  They were begging for a Cinderella moment.
I took them off their hinges to get started on their makeover.  With a couple coats of semi-gloss soft white as a background, the inner panel was ready to take on the floral design I had in mind.
Relatively mirror-imaged but maintaining a free-form feel, the flowers are in full bloom and have brought life to a previously dull corner of the kitchen.  I used glossy acrylic craft paint to give it durability as well as the shiny finish I prefer.  The speckles were easy to add by applying the various colors from my design with quick upright dabs using my older beaten-up paintbrushes.  The rougher the bristles, the better the speckles.
This project took just a handful of hours.  I had been thinking about doing it ever since we moved into our home three years ago.  My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.   All that Cinderella is missing now is some snazzy jewelry.  I plan to add cobalt blue jewel-like knobs to these and all the other cupboards.
I’m grateful to have something cheerful to look at as I tackle those never-ending dishes…


  1. Yeah! Totally fun. :) I like your line, "The rougher the bristles, the better the speckles." Is there some lesson we can learn from that?