October 31, 2011

0 out of 5 dentists approve...

Daniel minus a couple of teeth
50% of the members of our household are at the age of losing their teeth on a regular basis.  For this reason we modified the traditional caramel apple recipe.  Knowing how difficult it would be for any of the wiggly-toothed family members to take a big bite out of a whole caramel apple, we made a bite-sized version.

Audra and Zach volunteered to help make them.   Their first job was to unwrap about fifty individually-wrapped caramels and put them in a pot.  I sliced up four apples into small manageable pieces.

I added two tablespoons of water to the caramels and melted them on low on the stovetop.
No comments on the dirty stove, please.
Meanwhile, Audra and Zach put toothpicks into each apple slice.

I poured the melted caramel into two bowls so they could each work alone on coating the apple slices with the caramel and not get in each other’s way.  Zach found a spoon helpful, but Audra decided the plunge method worked best for her.  She also threw on a hat to be sure she didn’t get any hair on the caramel apples.  What a professional.

We put the finished apples on wax paper on a tray, eating plenty of plain apple slices along the way, including sharing one or two with a non-volunteer.

Then we put the tray in the fridge for an hour to cool.  Next time I will forego the wax paper in favor of the plain plastic tray.  When we took them out of the fridge, some of the wax paper stuck to the now-hardened caramel until we coaxed it off with some warm water.
We still may lose a few teeth with these treats, but we’ll be smiling while we do it!


  1. This is actually my favorite fall snack. How come I never make them?? Bless Audra and Zach for opening all those individually wrapped carmels. Yikes!

  2. Your kids are still wearing shorts. I'm jealous.