October 20, 2011

Inexpensive inspiration...

It all started with a cheap, severely lopsided pumpkin from Walmart.  It was the sort that would be rejected by someone planning to carve it, but it fit perfectly with my plans.  I was going to do to it what I do to nearly everything else around our home – paint it with glossy acrylics.  Since it would be sitting on our front step, I knew that its lopsidedness would be ideal for displaying the painted side to whomever was standing looking down at it.
Starting with a few colors drawn from a beautiful fall wreath my mom made for me, I then mixed portions of those together to create more shades to use.  This method guarantees color harmony in the finished project.  With a few simple brush strokes I had a fun fall decoration with which to greet visitors to our home.
While the pumpkin dried I was inspired to do a quick project on a beaten-up hand-me-down nightstand.  Normally I like furniture that is in terrible shape because of the character it gives it, but the finish on top was chipped and cheap-looking.  It needed something to make it look aged but not decrepit.  With a broad flat brush and the remnants of two shades of green I had left over from the pumpkin painting, I painted just the top, taking care to allow some of the original wood to show through.  This brightened its look and made it smoother and easier to clean as well.

Once the pumpkin was dry, I set it out on the front step and finally hung up our fall wreath.  With company coming this weekend and these two festive fall items now in place, I was even inspired to sweep the front porch.  A fresh, cheerful, and welcoming entrance makes people feel right at home.

If you’re willing to see hidden potential in something inexpensive and seemingly defective, you will find that the inspiration to create, revitalize, and yes, even to clean, can come from anywhere.  Even Walmart.

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  1. I need to hire you. :) Your front entryway is beautiful.