October 28, 2011

Scott's gift...

Our son Scott is a young man of few words, unlike his mom.  Since this post is in his honor, I’ll try to model it after his style.*
Scott came home from the hospital as a baby looking like this:
 Now he looks like this: 
He knows I love knick-knacks and scale models.  He knew my birthday was coming up.  He had a wooden dagger he had carved for himself.  He sanded it, re-carved it into a big birthday candle, and painted it.
Now it looks like this.
Thank you, Scott.  It means more to me than words can say.**

*There are certainly more pictures here than he would include, some of which imply a reflection on the passing of time and how precious he is to us that he would find irrelevant.  But this is still my blog, after all.
**While a mostly accurate statement, it is still partly due to the self-imposed standard of “few words”.  I actually could go on and on about this wonderful son of mine and how much his sacrificial surprise means to me...

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