November 10, 2011

And they never need washing...

These new towels have brightened up an area of our bathroom that has needed a facelift for a while.

This is what that corner looked like before, as seen in one of the early posts of this blog... pleasant, but a little boring.

A few candles and pretty glassware complement the low-maintenance monogrammed towels.

Creating the towel bar was simple with the help of a level, a ruler, and the advice of my nine-year-old Zach who knows a thing or two about drawing in perspective.

I drew the bubbles with a compass and then painted them with soft blues, touches of the pink from the towels, and a little white shine.

I wrote the letters in pencil first, then went over them in two shades of pink Sharpie markers, followed by a deeper berry color Sharpie done with short sideways strokes to look like stitches.  No need to sign this painting...

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