November 6, 2011

It's all yours now...

It was the 80’s, I was a teenage girl, and therefore my hair was big.  A hairstyle of this volume and magnitude took time, and we only had one full bathroom.  The solution?  My parents bought a lovely antique vanity for my bedroom.  It was the perfect place for me to blow-dry, curl, and spray my big hair, and to put on make-up to my heart’s content, all without holding up the rest of the family every morning.
That old vanity has made its home in our bubble-gum pink guest room for quite a long time, long-since retired from big hair duty.  In the photograph of it to the right you’ll see the reflection of my pretty little girl.  For the past few months she has been frequently and quietly pulling a chair up to a full-length mirror in our dining room to brush her hair, put on a headband, or practice her ponytail skills.  If anyone would walk by and notice her doing so, she would immediately stop.  It finally became clear to me that it was time to pass the baton.  A girl needs a place to fuss with her hair and make faces in the mirror in private, whether she is seventeen or seven.
Audra chose this cheerful spring green to revive the vanity and make it her own.  She knew it would be perfect next to the peachy-pink walls of her bedroom.  It also served well to cover up her mommy’s old caked-on hairspray and make-up trapped in the vanity's nooks and crannies.
I painted a coat yesterday and a second one today, and we moved it to her room.  She filled it with all her hair accessories and a few things for her stuffed animals to get ready there with her every morning too.  She also pulled up a little chair a friend painted for her that was just the right touch.
Our guests are just going to have to do without.

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  1. Great hair! And I love that you passed down your vanity. It looks like new!