November 14, 2011

A zero-cost overhaul...

With a recent thorough breakdown came a fresh new start.  I removed just about every knick-knack, picture, and assorted other decorative item from our master bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen.  I put extra leaves into our dining room table, moved the chairs out of the way, and laid all the items out on the table in essentially rainbow order.
I then selected an accent color or two for each of the now sparse-looking rooms and selected items for them from that part of the rainbow on my table:  pinks and purples for our periwinkle bedroom, vibrant blues for our yellow living room, red and bits of black for our mint green kitchen, and neutrals and greens for our deep blue dining room.
Being able to see everything at once allowed me to “shop” among my belongings for just the right touches for each little corner, giving each a new look without picking up a paintbrush or spending a dime.

One example: the blue accents play nicely off the almost-neutral yellow of the room and bring some much-needed life to it.

Setting up my personal store in our seldom-used dining room allowed me to take a few days to do the whole project without disrupting the busier areas of our home.  Putting them in rainbow order helped me stick to my selected colors for each room more easily.  It also appears to have inspired our daughter Audra to do a little sorting of her own on her new vanity


  1. You go girl! And Audra, you go too!

    I still haven't found a center piece for my dining room table yet....although, the neighbor gave Abby a basket. Maybe I'll fill it with dried herbs? I definitely need help.